5 Quick Fixes to Transform an Old Couch

When Kevin and I moved into our apartment, we were kindly gifted this pair of couches by my dad. He had purchased them for himself waaaay back in 2004 and they had been sitting in storage for the last 3 years. They're still in great condition and furniture is expensive so we were more than happy to take them off his hands! The one caveat that comes with used furniture is that you don't have the option to pick a piece that matches your aesthetic. I don't mind the light sage color of these babies, but they're not exactly the modern style I would have gone for. Just because your free couches aren't currently an object of beauty, doesn't mean you can't make a few minor adjustments to tie them into the rest of your home. Here are 5 quick fixes to transform an old couch! Recover Old Pillows to Add Color Recover/Add Throw Pillows I decided that the most offensive thing about them was the stripe-y furniture store throw pillows, so that's what I tackled first. I found a nice grey-lavender corduroy on sale at Hobby Lobby. I grabbed a couple yards and sewed some envelope pillow covers for the old throw pillows. Those are now neutrals with a bit of texture. Incorporate Color Next I added the smaller yellow print pillows as an accent. Since that print is a geometric design, I think they make a nice pop of color without being too trendy or girly. I'd like to still add something floral or abstract - maybe in a nice peach or quartz color. I think throw pillows are the best way to bring color and interest to an otherwise 'blah' living room - and I am definitely an advocate for sewing your own as it is usually a lot cheaper and always more personal! Add Different Textures using Throw Pillows Mix Textures Between the couch's upholstery, the cotton pillows and the corduroy, I had 3 textures going on- to add a fourth, I threw in this gorgeous faux-fur blanket. Some other great ideas are a chunky cable-knit throw blanket or pillow, a luxurious velvet pillow, or even sequins, beads, and embroidery. I'd love to put some projects like that together in the future! Add Art! Another great way to transform an old couch is to transform the space around it. This can be done with any number of things. On the walls, try hanging mirrors, paintings, picture frames, textiles, or even garlands and bunting! On the surfaces next to or behind your couch you could place an interesting vase, lamp, plant, terrarium, candle- anything that 'speaks to you.' It's your space- you should incorporate only things you love! Just add a dog When All Else Fails, Add a Dog Speaking of things you love, I'm pretty sure you could take a sofa off the side of the road and if you put my Zelda on it, I'd think it was a gorgeous piece straight out of West Elm. Have y0u ever been gifted some less-than-perfect furniture? How did you dress it up? Good luck and happy decorating! xx Meghan Quick Fixes To Transform an Old Couch

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