An Introduction

I guess this is where we'll start. My name is Meghan Rachel Crockett and in approximately 55 hours I will have been on this earth for 23 years. Most of that time has been in New England, and most of that has been in New Hampshire. I spent 4 years living in Denver while earning my BFA in Children's Book Illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. I've now spent 16 months not using that degree. Some of my favorite moments in the last (nearly) 23 years have happened whilst I've been traveling, whether it was student trips to Europe, road trips across the country, vacations to Mexico, cruises to Alaska, or month-long backpacking excursions across (more of) Europe. All that to say this: traveling has been my oldest and deepest passion throughout my life. IMG_1711

Zelda is my other great love. A much newer but equally as profound love. She is my 9 month Siberian Husky puppy and I cannot overstate how crazy I am for her. As in, there has never been such a perfect dog in all of space and time. In the 7 months since she joined our family, I've willingly fallen head-first down the slippery slope of becoming a crazy dog lady. Bringing Zelda into my home was the best decision I ever made.

my love miss zelda

I've been putting off this whole 'start blogging' urge for quite a while now, having not even maintained my own website in the year and a half since it went up. I didn't know what to write about. I didn't have the time. I couldn't remember my passwords. No one would read it. Sometimes the internet is mean. I'm not interesting. Etc, etc. and all the other excuses that I've decided now to just ignore. So here's hoping that 23 will be the year I get my blog off the ground!

x Meghan

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