Art Supplies I Take Traveling

Here's a quick run-down of the very minimal supplies I brought on my backpacking trip to document Europe in all her glory... It's a short list so get ready: 1 Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Paper sketchbook 1 Koi Watercolors Field Sketch Box and 1 ballpoint pen That's all! IMG_1421love this Koi watercolor set for travel. It's so easy to just throw in a purse and comes with so many beautifully colored bricks of nice quality watercolor. This brush was included and is also really cool- the tip unscrews to fit in the box and the handle holds the water inside! All you have to do is squeeze the brush as you drag it across the page to release the water. There's also little strips of sponge along the edges of the palette for blotting, and quite a large mixing palette that fits in place above the paints when you box everything back up. To see some of the work I did on my trip, check out my Travel Journal blog post! Thanks! xx Meghan

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