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When I talk about the month I spent backpacking in Europe last summer, people are consistently less impressed by the galleries and monuments I visited than by my ability to live out of a 30 liter rucksack for 30 days. I know I read countless packing lists and blogs all about how to squeeze a capsule wardrobe into a frame pack- so here's what I ended up with.

Disclaimer: I got my North Face Sabrina Women's Rucksack in the very early stages of planning my trip. Before I knew in full what it was going to look like or how long we'd be away, and especially before reading what a typical pack size is for such ventures. My friend and traveling companion brought a bag that was quite a bit bigger, and I'd be lying if I said I never envied her. I have since purchased The North Face Terra Women's 55 liter pack, which is currently sitting in my closet awaiting our next adventure. All in all, the 30 liter rucksack was definitely doable, but not preferable. So, the list. This is what I needed: 6 Tops (one crop top. one spaghetti strap top. one tank top. one tee shirt. one denim shirt. one boyfriend's shirt for sleeping) tops 5 Bottoms (two knee-length skirts. one pair leggings. one pair comfy pants. one pair shorts for sleeping) bottoms 1bottoms 2 1 Dress (convertible wrap dress) wrap dress 1 Pair of Running Shorts (black thigh-length tight shorts to wear under skirts and dresses) 1 Bathing Suit (black high-waisted bikini) bikini 2 Pairs of Shoes (one pair of Tevas. one pair of Tieks) shoes 2 Scarves scarves 1 Belt 1 Purse 1 Pair of sunglasses   I found that those items gave me plenty of outfit options for the month I was abroad. There was a fair amount of sink laundry done when we stayed in hotels, so I was definitely conscious of packing fabrics that wouldn't wrinkle or would take too long to dry. I honestly could have done without the designated sleep shirt, or even the  wrap dress. I wore my Teva's on a daily basis but it was still nice to have flats for evenings. By the time the month came to an end, I may have been ready to switch out some of my clothes but I was nowhere near ready to go home (though my bank account may have disagreed). So that does it- ultimately I just tell people that you really need so much less than you think. Just bring things that will look nice in pictures but will still be durable and comfortable enough to walk around in all day (Seriously. We walked A LOT. In the July heat. (buildings with A/C are few and far between in most of Europe. (So is ice.))) I recommend skirts because they're so easy to throw on with a tank or tee shirt and provide a great opportunity to curtsy in all your pictures! Here are a few of the outfits I came up with: outfit 1 outfit 2 outfit 3 I also did a post about the makeup I packed on this trip, read it here. And if you want even more packingspiration, I have a list of gadgets and gear I brought as well. xx Meghan

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