Geometric Painted Terracotta Pots

This past spring, I started my first herb garden. I bought seeds at my local garden center, popped them in some soil-filled egg shells, and waited. It went fairly well, I only lost the thyme and spearmint. I still have some beautiful young basil, rosemary, sage, and lavender (the lavender was from a cutting but shhhh) in terracotta pots along the kitchen window sill. I love the look of plain terracotta, but one night I was bored and decided to spruce them up with some craft paint. I chose neutrals and neons, which are my favorite combination, in a cool geometric pattern. I had the materials lying around: -craft paint -cheap paint brushes -terracotta pots (I was able to do this with the plants in them) -masking tape -a pencil IMG_1380 To start, I used the edge of the tape to make straight lines around the entire pot. I didn't plan this out too much- just tried to make different sized triangles. IMG_1376 Next, I traced my pattern on the pot using pencil and removed the tape. You could leave the tape on and just wait for each color to dry, but I was impatient and my hand is steady enough. IMG_1378 I had a slightly different color scheme and pattern for each pot. I had to apply several coats of my paints to make them opaque and decided to let the natural terracotta show through in some places. IMG_1377   They are by no means perfect, but I love the way they look along the window- I think they just look a little more hip and interesting than unadorned clay. My herbs are enjoying them too! IMG_1381 IMG_1386 So that's that! My geometric painted terracotta pots make me so happy to look at- I think they'll look great in our new apartment too! xx Meghan

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