Gifts for the Wanderlustful

As a travel enthusiast I spend a lot of time online window-shopping for travel related products I will definitely need on my next trip. For today's post I compiled a list of traveler-approved gifts for the special globe trotter in your life. Here are a few of my favorites which would make excellent gifts on birthdays, holidays, or as a 'bon-voyage' present.

Travel Books

Wild- Cheryl Strayed

I read this book after getting hooked on the Reese Witherspoon movie of the same name. It's about travel but also touches on topics like loss, family, and finding yourself. I think a copy of Wild would be a great gift for a solo female traveler- if Cheryl can survive the PCT pre-cell phones then really there's nothing women can't do.

On the Road- Jack Kerouac

This is a classic Americana novel about being, what else, on the road. Kerouac was part of the Beat Generation/essentially a hippie before we had hippies. This is a great read that will make you nostalgic for a time when you could really disappear in your travels. Kerouac didn't care much where he went as long as it was 'west' and if that doesn't make you feel adventuresome I don't know what will.

The Hobbit- JRR Tolkien

Everyone is culturally aware of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but surprisingly few have actually read the books. I was literally raised on stories about the Ents and Elves of Middle Earth (thanks Dad!), but I never read Tolkien until I was in my 20's. Guys, I freaking love The Hobbit. Tolkien's writing is still so relevant today and so perfectly captures the spirit of leaving home for an unknown adventure. This book does the heart of any traveler a world of good.

Travel Gadgets

Go Pro

A friend of mine brought his with her while studying abroad in Australia and got some amazing footage of herself bungee jumping, surfing, zip lining, snorkeling and a bunch of other crazy things. Since returning home she's continued to use it while snowboarding. Personally, I would love to attach it to Zelda and see what she gets on pup-cam when she runs around at the park. It's waterproof and shock proof and there are a few different harnesses available to keep it securely attached to your helmet, board, chest, or yes, even your pet.

Rechargeable Phone Battery

This is just a really practical gift for anyone who leaves their house for any reason ever. Phones die and more often than not they die right when you need directions, or to check your bank account balance, or to access your grocery list. Help your traveller out by giving them the gift of a battery boost in times of need.

Travel Apparel


love my Tieks. Boyfriends, take note: they're essentially a premium packable ballet flat, the quality plus the trademark teal split soul puts these shoes on the top of many a wishlist. The flats come in tons of colors and can be purchased in luxurious soft leather, patent leather, or vegan options. They come in a little drawstring pouch to throw them in your purse on a night out, with a tote bag that squishes down to a teeny-tiny size to pull out and chuck your heels in. I loved having my Tieks in Europe for evening and nicer restaurants.

Packable Raincoat

I have one that I love from Cole Haan, but I've seen great options on American Apparel and Asos as well. It always rains specifically when you're least prepared, so make sure your loved one is always prepared and sunshine is assured 🙂

Travel Wallet/purse

Travel requires you to carry lots of important papers- your passport, your ID, your boarding pass, your Rail Pass, multiple forms of currency, and after a while probably some old receipts and notes. Having a wallet or bag specifically designed to hold all these magical papers is a life-saver because it means you can easily spot whatever might be missing. This one, this one and this one are personal favorites 🙂

A Cute Passport Case

Not an essential, which means a budget-conscious traveler may not buy this  for themselves. That makes it a perfect gift! This one is so cute!

An Adorable Luggage Tag

Another little purchase that a traveler may skimp on. A unique luggage tag makes it easy to tell your generic backpack or duffel bag from all the other generic backpack or duffel bags.

A Nice Camera Bag

If your traveller is also a photo-bug, gifting them a stylish purse that keeps their camera equipment safe is an awesome idea. Jo Totes makes some absolutely gorgeous ones, I love the Allison, the Abby and the Betsy!

Packable Rain Boots

Hunter is the best of the best, but feel free to explore other options.


S'well 25oz Bottle

I really enjoyed having a reusable water bottle during my travels, and I think these metal ones are absolutely beautiful. They're supposed to keep your drinks hot and cold all day, so that's a plus!

Packing Organizers

I used some long rectangular packing cubes to organize my clothes on my backpacking trip, and I plan to invest in more niche-organizers in the future. I like this jewelry pouchcharger pouch and underwear pouch from MochiThings. First Aid Kit You care about your traveller and their safety! Show them by gifting a compact but full First Aid Kid. Here's a cute one! Camera Purse Insert If you're looking to shell out for an entire camera bag, or your traveller already has a purse they love, I recommend looking into a bag insert to protect their camera gear. This one looks great !

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