My Autumn Harvest 2015

IMG_1544 Last spring I was finally able to plant the kitchen herbs I'd been longing for since college. Feeling pretty ambitious, I picked up an armful of pots and seed packets from my local garden center. I started with some herbs: rosemary, basil, thyme, spearmint, lavender and sage. That seemed to go well, so I was encouraged to try my hand at produce and picked up some spinach and jalepeño seeds on a whim. Finally, after perusing Pinterest one day, I decided that I needed a lemon tree in my life. So, I swung by the local natural foods store and grabbed a couple organic lemons. Though I did have some casualties (RIP thyme, spearmint and spinach), I'd say my first growing season was a success! Here's what my plant babies look like now: I have several lemon seedlings all about 6" tall- they loved living on our front steps over the summer where they received tons of sun. Once they're a bit bigger, maybe even next spring, I'll have to separate them to allow for one big tree to take shape. IMG_1564 My sage started out a bit leggy and weak, but after trimming it back I started to see a lot more growth. It's doing quite well on my kitchen windowsill! IMG_1547 Confession: my lavender seeds never sprouted. Luckily, in April I visited a friend in New York who had a small store-bought lavender plant in her apartment. She was kind enough to let me take a 2" cutting which I kept in a ziplock bag with a wet paper towel on the bus ride back to New Hampshire. Once I got home I just dipped it in rooting hormone and stuck it in a pot of dirt- It's been doing awesome ever since! IMG_1556 My basil plant is the most impressive of the bunch- it's had tons of growth, especially since I've pruned it a bit above new buds so that it forks and gets bushier. The leaves smell amazing and I love plucking just a few at a time to put on pizza or in pasta. IMG_1551 What did you grow this year? xx Meghan PS- want to see how I decorated the pots my herbs live in? Check out my post!

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