Nobody Likes You When You’re 23 (A Birthday Recap)

  I turned 23 on Saturday! My birthdays are usually pretty low key- especially now that I've moved back home from college. My best friend is still in school living in Williamsburg, New York and my sister just left for Rochester, New York to start her Junior year at RIT. Hence, it's just been my parents, me and my boyfriend Kevin for the last couple years. This year I celebrated by going out to lunch with my dad and having a home cooked dinner with my mom. It's nice to have some relaxed family time and the cake and presents don't hurt either 😉 Speaking of cake, this year I made my own birthday cake (is that sad?) Check out my recipe for White Rose Cake with Rose Buttercream here. Here's a quick snapshot of my birthday gifts this year... I love all things artisan and handmade, so I am very excited about these nesting bowls my mom gave me. She picked them up at a shop in Concord, and they're made my professional ceramic artists in the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. I think they're gorgeous and I can't wait to give them a point of pride in Kevin and my new place come fall.   bowls   I've also been on the market for a new perfume since I finished my Calvin Klein One Summer in the spring. Sì by Giorgio Armani is a really sexy but sophisticated scent and I think it will definitely carry me into fall/winter nicely. My wonderful boyfriend Kevin bought me this bottle and I'm just so excited about the way it looks atop my dresser in my perfume collection. Sì Giorgio Armani   I've been on a vintage Essiebutton kick and after watching her "Fall Blushes" video from a few years ago I decided I needed to invest in a nice berry-toned blush. I have never been one to really go for blushes because I naturally have a very pink undertone to my skin. My skin has cleared up a bit in the last few years and I've invested in a few foundations that I love, so I've been eager to delve into the world of blush. I used some birthday money to buy myself the Nars blush in Sin.     IMG_1347 I can't get enough of how beautiful these two look together   IMG_1349     xx Meghan

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