Plein Air Painting Checklist

If there's one thing I love to do but don't make enough time for it's Plein Air Painting. One of my favorite classes in school was Landscape Painting my junior year- nothing beats a weekly outing with a few good friends where we could just sit outside for 5 hours, surrounded by beautiful mountains and streams, with nothing to do but paint. Landscape painting Golden Colorado If plein air painting seems like something you could get into, then please, consider this your invitation! All you've got to do is assemble your supplies, grab a friend and find the prettiest bit of nature you can! Landscape in Golden Colorado So as not to get out in the woods and realize you forgot something essential, here's a handy checklist for next time you head out! Plein air painting checklist   Did I miss anything? What are your painting essentials on the go? xx Meghan  

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