Vintage Christmas Ornament DIY

Growing up, our Christmas tree was always stuffed with an eclectic mass of ornaments that my mom had collected over the years from work Christmas parties, Yankee swaps, and school projects. Low and behold, when it came time for me to decorate a tree of my own, I realized just how few ornaments I had to hang! Being eternally on a strict budget leaves little money for baubles, so I decided this year to get creative with some vintage DIY ornaments. Here's what I came up with using some festive, inexpensive supplies: Christmas Orange-aments First, I gathered my materials. In this case, that meant cinnamon sticks (purchased in bulk from a local spice market), cranberries, and dehydrated oranges. You can also stick some cloves in the dried fruit if that sounds like something you'd be into. To dry out my citrus, I just sliced up a couple oranges and grapefruits and popped them on a baking sheet for several hours (About 250 degrees for 6 hours). Next, I used a big needle with some upholstery thread to sew my pieces together. I didn't have a real plan for the design so each one is different. Once I was happy with the arrangements, I popped a few pieces of hemp on to hang them from. Finally, all that was left to do was pop them on the tree! These ornaments smelled so good and made me think of a vintage Christmas. The oranges looked gorgeous with white string lights shining through them. DIY Christmas Ornaments Popcorn and Cranberry Garland Here you can see the popcorn and cranberry garland I strung with the remaining berries. This is one tradition that we loved to do when I was growing up- it's one of those super-easy crafty things you can do while you watch a movie. All you'll need is a thin needle (a thick one will make it difficult to pierce the popcorn without breaking it), a spool of strong thread, and some cranberries and popcorn. Cut a length of thread about the width of your arm span and tie the loose end around a piece of popcorn. Then just thread the popcorn and cranberries! You can experiment with different patterns and ratios of berries to popcorn to see what you like best. When you have several lengths of garland, you can just drape them over your tree and admire your vintage Christmas tree! If you have furry friends with curious noses, you may need to hang these garlands a little higher on the tree. Zelda didn't have any interest in them for weeks, until her friend Aries came to play and gave her the idea to eat the pretty popcorn. You don't want to come home to find cranberries streaked across your carpet and you definitely don't want puppies swallowing thread! Christmas Tree Cinnamon Cookie Ornaments These were pretty easy to make with almost no materials. All you need is cinnamon, unsweetened applesauce, a straw and a few drops of white glue. I didn't even have cookie cutters- I just rolled the dough out and used a knife to carve out the shape of gingerbread men, stars and Christmas trees. Use the tip of a straw to poke a whole from which to hang the ornament, pop them on a baking sheet and bake at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours. When I finally got my tree down after New Years, I coated my ornaments in Mod Podge to preserve them for next year. I waited until after Christmas for this step because it allowed everything time to dry out thoroughly as well as giving me a chance to enjoy the fresh natural smells 🙂 What sort of ornaments have you made for your tree?

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