How I Celebrated My Dog’s Birthday

Zelda at 8 weeks and 1 year I couldn't in good conscious call myself a Crazy Dog Lady without going all out to throw my girl a birthday party! November 27 was Zelda's first birthday, and we marked the occasion by inviting her best friend Aries over to enjoy lots of play time and a home made dog cake. I spent the morning baking this peanut butter and banana cake with cream cheese peanut butter 'frosting' for the girls. Next, I decorated with these homemade dog treats inscribed with her name (look up Name that Cookie on Etsy!). Pup cake All that was left was to light the candle and sing! zelda's candle Zelda and her pal Aries really enjoyed the cake! We gave them each one piece so as not to upset their puppy tummies and then I let Zelda have a piece whilst I was at work each day the following week. IMG_1856 By the time Aries had gone home, we had one pooped puppy 🙂 IMG_1858 Do you celebrate your pets' birthdays? xx Meghan

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